Fire Sprinkler Supplies – Flexible Sprinkler Drops

Some Facts about Fire Sprinkler Drops


  • Unbraided Sprinkler Flex Connects are made from a corrugated metal hose
  • Braided Sprinkler Flex Drops consist of a corrugated inner hose, like their unbraided counterparts, and a braided stainless steel outer hose.
  • Unbraided Flexible Fire Sprinkler Connections often do not have FM Approval
  • Unbraided Flex Connects are less expensive
  • The best way to know if you can use Argco Flex Drops on your project is to submit on them with the submittal package you can request from me.
  • Do I have to use elbows on my sprinkler drops? Generally you do not as long as you’re maintaining the minimum turn radius.
  • Every Flexible Fire Sprinkler Connection has a maximum amount of 90 degree turns, refer to the product data.
  • When installing in suspended ceilings, make sure to check if your jurisdiction requires a structural engineer’s stamp verifying that the suspended ceiling meets ASTM C 635 AND C 636 . (San Francisco is one example)
  • Some good engineering tips can be found here.
  • Finally, and perhaps most helpful, here is a link to some excerpts from the NFPA relevant flexible sprinkler drops.

To make sure you’re getting the best price on your project send me an email with your quantities and get a firm quote.